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About us

FAROIL is a company with a strong industrial spirit. Ita has rapidly passed from a national to an international environment. The project FAROIL, that was originally set up for the production of hydraulic winch, has expanded to the sector of hydraulic cilynders, with a great success due to the attention for client's specific requirements and their prodcuts, thus creating efficient co-design collaboration for the constant improvement of the product.

Our strong competitiveness is founded on our techonolgy, quality and professional know-how, which show in an accurate service to the client and in the skilled production of special cylinders also in small lots.

Design and production are still today entirely performed in our company in italy. This has permitted a steady growth in the agricultural sector at firse, and in the industrial sector afterwards, where FAROIL has an important and acknowledged position, as confirmed by the trust major European companies are constantly giving our products.



Faroil is an international company.
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